Freak Event – “a person or occurrence that is remarkably unusual”

The aim of Freak Events Limited is to create challenges that will inspire people of all ages and abilities. A Freak Event is to be achievable to all, yet challenging to the experienced athlete.

We are looking to inspire all (children and adults) into achieving remarkable feats whilst maintaining a fun element to these quirky events.

Through our own experiences, any individual challenge can only be achieved with the support of family and friends. When looking at a new event and its location we take into account the needs of the supporters and endeavor to create a fun and friendly environment for all.

Our events are created to inspire, build confidence, and challenge ones-self, and the environment in which our events are located is chosen to reflect this ambition.

We shall be hosting a number of challenging events that may be quirky in the extreme, yet normal to the regular endurance freak!

The Freak Events “dream team” consists of ‘Teddy Bear Grylls-Felts’ and ‘Mr Un-Incredible-Collard’, who have both tried and tested the routes!

Keep an eye out for the dream team as they compete in many events and will no doubt flatter to deceive whilst in costume!