Freak Events are always very grateful of the work done by our team of volunteers. However we can never have a pool big enough to carry out all the work that is required to be done to create a great event for the competitors.

It’s you the volunteer that adds that extra something to the event and therefore Freak Events will endeavour to make your day as enjoyable as the competitors and supporters day! If you are willing and able to carry out some marshalling or volunteering with any of our events¬†please get in touch¬†with the details below;

  • Confirm you’re over 16;
  • Personal details;
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone number
    • Next of kin contact details
    • Date of birth
  • Additional info;
    • Have you marshalled before?
    • List other applicable skills?
    • Any medical history i.e. illness or disability?
  • T-Shirt size S,M,L, XL